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Hur används ordet come

  • "come to an agreement with"
  • "come into power"
  • "come into question"
  • "come nearer"
  • "come onto the market"
  • "come to shore"
  • "come to the point"
  • "come up with a proposal"
  • "come at the end of"
  • "come last"
  • "If they can conquer the fear of public speaking, so can you!"
  • "come next"
  • "he comes from humble origins"
  • "How is she doing in her new job?" "How are you making out in graduate school?" "He's come a long way"
  • "come into contact with the law"
  • "come closer"
  • "change one's mind"
  • "come of itself"
  • "come from all sides"
  • "come from the bottom of one's heart"
  • "komma fram till en lösning"
  • "come here"
  • "come into operation"
  • "come into contact with"
  • "come back to normal"
  • "come into the picture"
  • "enter the university"
  • "come down to earth"
  • "something good will come out of it"
  • "come and go"
  • "This comes under a new heading"
  • "He came singing down the road"
  • "Come with me to the Casbah"
  • "come down here!"
  • "come out of the closet!"
  • "come into the room"
  • "The first success came three days later"
  • "It came as a shock"
  • "Dawn comes early in June"
  • "The water came to a boil"
  • "We came to understand the true meaning of life"
  • "Their anger came to a boil"
  • "I came to realize the true meaning of life"
  • "Melons come from a vine"
  • "Understanding comes from experience"
  • "He came into contact with a terrorist group"
  • "The shoes came untied"
  • "Your wish will come true"
  • ""These shoes come in three colors"
  • "The furniture comes unassembled""
  • "The water came up to my waist"
  • "The sleeves come to your knuckles"
  • "Next came the student from France"
  • "nothing came of his grandiose plans"
  • "Nothing good will come of this"
  • "News came in of the massacre in Rwanda"
  • "she could not come because she was too upset"
  • "My family comes first"

Ordet come har 11 betydelser

  • Inom bildligt
  • Inom militärväsen
  • Inom sex
  • Inom ekonomi
  • Inom generell
  • Inom allmänt
  • Inom ålderdomlig
  • Inom botanik
  • Inom enhet
  • Inom bildligt
  • Inom sex

Ordet come inom bildligt

Översättningar (inom bildligt)

Möjliga synonymer till come (inom bildligt)

Ordet come inom militärväsen

move toward, travel toward something or somebody or approach something or somebody

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Synonymer till come (inom militärväsen)

Möjliga synonymer till come (inom militärväsen)

Ordet come inom sex

come to pass; arrive, as in due course

Översättningar (inom sex)

Synonymer till come (inom sex)

Möjliga synonymer till come (inom sex)

Ordet come inom ekonomi

reach a state, relation, or condition

Översättningar (inom ekonomi)

Ordet come inom generell

to be the product or result

enter or assume a condition, relation, use, or position

be received, as of news on the radio or television

have a certain priority

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Synonymer till come (inom generell)

Uttryck till come (inom generell)

Ord i uttryck för come (inom generell)

Möjliga synonymer till come (inom generell)

Möjliga synonymer till come (inom generell)

Möjliga synonymer till come (inom generell)

Möjliga synonymer till come (inom generell)

Ordet come inom allmänt

be found or available;

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Möjliga synonymer till come (inom allmänt)

Ordet come inom ålderdomlig

extend or reach

Översättningar (inom ålderdomlig)

Möjliga synonymer till come (inom ålderdomlig)

Ordet come inom botanik

exist or occur in a certain point in a series

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Möjliga synonymer till come (inom botanik)

Ordet come inom enhet

develop into

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Synonymer till come (inom enhet)

Möjliga synonymer till come (inom enhet)

Ordet come inom bildligt

happen as a result

Översättningar (inom bildligt)

Möjliga synonymer till come (inom bildligt)

Ordet come inom sex

experience orgasm

Översättningar (inom sex)

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