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Hur används ordet intangible

  • "the intangible constituent of energy - James Jeans"
  • "intangible assets such as good will"
  • "an intangible feeling of impending disaster"
  • "that intangible thing--the soul"

Ordet intangible har 3 betydelser

  • Inom generell
  • Inom vardagligt
  • Inom ålderdomlig

Vad betyder intangible inom generell, generell ?

incapable of being perceived by the senses especially the sense of touch

(of especially business assets) not having physical substance or intrinsic productive value. [[intangible assets]]

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Synonymer till intangible (inom generell)

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Möjliga synonymer till intangible (inom generell)

Möjliga synonymer till intangible (inom generell)

Ordet intangible inom vardagligt

hard to pin down or identify

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Synonymer till intangible (inom vardagligt)

Möjliga synonymer till intangible (inom vardagligt)

Ordet intangible inom ålderdomlig

lacking substance or reality; incapable of being touched or seen

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Möjliga synonymer till intangible (inom ålderdomlig)

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