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Slackness refers to vulgarity in Jamaican and Caribbean culture, behavior and the music associated with these cultural changes, especially the decline of roots reggae music.

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  • caspiax61 - 2009-07-21

    Slackness refers to vulgarity in the English spoken in the Caribbean islands. Slackness is integreated in street culture, behavior, and especially in the Jamaican music called dancehall, where microphone artists compete who is the most foulmouthed. Sexism and homophobia is very common. The Jamaican dancehall stars Buju Banton, Sizzla, Beenie Man, Capleton, Elephant Man, among many others, have generated a massive criticism from organizations for homosexuals in UK, USA and Canada. Some of the artists have even inspirited murder on homosexuals, as a part of their slackness, and hate crimes and homicides have occurred after performances. The artists have been banned for using homophobic lyrics and lost a lot of fans and record buyers. Since homosexuality is prohibited on islands as Jamaica, Bahamas and S:t Kitts a tourist boykott has been discussed in Canada and other countries. Today the most criticized dancehall artists keep a lower profile. This slackness, sexism and homophobia don't exist in reggae and has no connection with the rastafari movement.