Hur används ordet meeting

  • "Canon lawyer Jorge de Salas said in the meeting that “ opportunity makes the thief ”."
  • "Present at the meeting were canon lawyer Jorge de Salas and the monk ’ s superior opposite Anna, as well as deacon Björn Håkonsson, who had been asked by Anna to come along for support."
  • "During the meeting Anna was repeatedly asked by the monk ’ s superior about her own part in what happened."
  • "The canon lawyer said during the meeting that names should be kept out of the protocol, to avoid them becoming known to others."
  • "But Anna was questioned during a meeting with three men from the Church, and we have obtained the protocol."
  • "Today, Håkonsson says it was not a good meeting but does not want to be interviewed."
  • "Mötena förläggs alltid på datumen 01 eller 11 varje månad och 01-11 alltså november – firar man extra stort – och ett ” grand meeting ” hålls varje år den 11-11."
  • "SVT Nyheter : – We had a very constructive meeting, säger Reinfeldt vid presskonferensens inledning."
  • "NSCPress : POTUS is now at the Grand Synagogue of Stockholm, meeting with family members of Raoul Wallenberg."
  • "Mo Yan calls the meeting of their respective literary stiles a ‘ meeting of two extremes ’."

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Hur används ordet meet

  • "meet a violent death"
  • "I'll probably see you at the meeting"
  • "meet requirements"
  • "meet a need"
  • "I met this really handsome guy at a bar last night!"
  • "we met in Singapore"
  • "Can you meet me at the train station?"
  • "My proposal met with much opposition"
  • "the two lines meet here"
  • "meet costs"
  • "meet a need"
  • "meet a difficulty"

Ordet meet har 13 betydelser

  • Inom religion
  • Inom allmänt
  • Inom matematik
  • Inom tobaksrökning
  • Inom generell
  • Inom post
  • Inom data
  • Inom sport
  • Inom sport
  • Inom militärväsen
  • Inom botanik
  • Inom juridik
  • Inom ekonomi

Vad betyder meet inom religion ?


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Vanlig betydelse av ordet meet inom allmänt

get together socially or for a specific purpose

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Mindre vanlig betydelse av ordet meet inom matematik

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Mindre vanlig betydelse av ordet meet inom tobaksrökning

fill or meet a want or need

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Ordet meet inom generell

meet by design; be present at the arrival of

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Möjliga synonymer till meet (inom generell)

Ordet meet inom post

satisfy or fulfill

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Ordet meet inom data

collect in one place

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Ordet meet inom sport

get to know; get acquainted with

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Ordet meet inom sport

contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle

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Ordet meet inom militärväsen

experience as a reaction

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Ordet meet inom botanik

get or come together

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Ordet meet inom juridik

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Ordet meet inom ekonomi

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Hur används ordet meeting

  • "there was no meeting of minds"
  • "next year the meeting will be in Chicago"
  • "there was an informal meeting in my livingroom"
  • "his meeting with the salesmen was the high point of his day"
  • "he still remembers their meeting in Paris"
  • "Earthquakes occur at the meeting of tectonic plates"

Ordet meeting har 3 betydelser

  • Inom medicin
  • Inom militärväsen
  • Inom organisation

Vad betyder meeting inom medicin ?

A gathering for a purpose

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Ordet meeting inom militärväsen

a casual or unexpected convergence

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Ordet meeting inom organisation

A place or instance of junction or intersection

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